Our Why.

We are the agitator to conversations that changes

minds and drives action.

As women, we’re at an unprecedented moment right now. Current world events prove that women are more emboldened than ever to own, lead, and take action. 

At she PR, we are committed to amplifying the voices and communicating the stories of women-led companies and thought-leaders looking for more freedom and creative expression with their messaging and public image. 

We decided to put rigor and reasoning behind what is happening today and be a service to society, profoundly challenging the status quo, and reinventing business as usual. That’s why to us, the most rewarding client projects are the ones that wholly change the narrative on how women are thought about, talked about, and represented. 

We offer close attention and tailored strategies to help our clients communicate their stories effectively in the media to increase visibility, build brand affinity, and generate sales. We manage media campaigns for both established and emerging brands in various industries: beauty, wellness, entertainment, fashion, food/beverage, politics, technology, travel/hospitality, and lifestyle brands. 

Our data and insights on women’s needs and perspectives drive our strategic and creative work. We harness those distinctly feminine brand traits and use them to build strategy, messaging, and media that not only resonates with women but drive long-term wonderment and financial value.

At she PR, we pride ourselves on getting our clients in front of the right audience and ensuring those who want a seat at the table get one. We are women, and we understand the richness and depth that women bring to business. We’re happiest when we’re changing minds, thinking outside the box, getting results and having fun along the way. Most importantly, we’re honest with our clients, our audience, and each other.

We are she PR.

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